Sun will align directly over Kaaba On 28th May 2018

Kaaba direction 28 may

Sun will align directly over Kaaba On 28th May 2018

JEDDAH: The sun will be overhead the Holy Kaaba on Friday for the second and last time this year.

The holy city of Makkah can witness on Friday a rare astronomical development wherever the sun can pass directly over the top of the Kaaba at 12:18 p.m. local time, making it easy to determine the accurate direction of Qibla. According to astronomers, the sun will be precisely perpendicular above the, and the shadows can disappear for a slight period.
This event can allow folks to outline the exact direction of the prayer’s course meticulously, according to Al Arabiya website.

Qibla Direction

Moulhem bin Mohammed Hindi, astronomy scientist within the astronomy and house Sciences department at the King Abdulaziz University, same that the sun passes over the Kaaba twice a year; this year perpendicular on top of it today (Friday).
The event will coincide with the Friday prayer at the Grand Masjid.
Using shadows to determine the Qibla dates back to the 12th century, in line with Al Hindi. Facing the shrine — Islam’s holiest website and the destination for the annual pilgrimage called the hajj — is one in every of the religion’s chief necessities, additionally to acting ablution (ritual cleansing with water) and reciting verses of the Quran while praying.

sun align on kaaba

Compasses, smartphones, and different gadgets have made it easier for Muslims to seek out the Qibla to offer prayers, except for those interested in taking the non-digital route for knowing the precise direction of the holy Kaaba, the opportunity is just a week away.
Moulhem bin Mohammed Hindi said: “This cosmic development allows to look at the sun at that precise moment, to determine the precise direction of the Kaaba through the best and simplest way. people should look at the sun and therefore, they shall be 100 percent heading to the direction of the Qibla.”

In order to establish angle on the south to the south, set angle towards the south, that same direction will turn towards it, then the shade around the world will turn toward Beth-Allah, then the sun will pass through the Sun-16th of Beth-Allah on that day.


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