Farooq Sattar Threatens To Protest Outside PM House

MQM P Farooq Sattar

Farooq Sattar Threatens To Protest Against load Shedding Outside PM House

KARACHI: Chief of the United Nations Movement, Farooq Sattar, threatened the power of the Electric Office and the Chief Minister House after the 72-hour power crisis was not resolved.

Addressing MQM’s protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club, he said that today’s protests against non-reporter load shedding and rulers are against Karachi’s enmity, what do you think about Shahbaz Sharif? Is Karachi going to flow from Lali Pope? Karachi is not going to fly from Lali pop, Karachi should be stopped making krabla, today the protesting club has protested today and will turn on the relevant offices.

Farooq Sattar said, “Until we will oppose the people with patience if the power of the furnace oil could not be produced, then gas, gas crisis, why should the gas plants be planted now,” said Farooq Sattar. And give 72 hours time to the federal government, if 72 days after the problem is not resolved, CM will address the House House’s Electric Office.
Farooq Sattar further said that we will not get water, nor will the power be found, unless the people are present in our protest, will take some people’s attention when the people get power, give 60 to 70 percent tax and we Show only He demanded that the control of Karachi’s water and electricity should be given in Karachi hands.


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